A warm, welcoming, nurturing and safe environment for children and their families

Our Aims

Little Orchids Centre is a charitable organisation providing therapeutic intervention and support for children from 2 – 4 years old with special needs.

Early Years

We are registered with the Western Health and Social Care Trust and are a member of Early Years, the organisation for young children.

Our Staff

All staff are highly experienced and committed to on-going training to provide the best outcomes for children and their families.

Charity Registration

Little Orchids is registered as a charity with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland,
NIC 100096.

Supporting Children Through Learning & Play

Little Orchids provides therapeutic intervention and support for children aged 2-4 years who have been identified as having additional needs and those who may require further support.
We aim to achieve this by utilising the following resources:

Tools We Use To Promote Learning & Development

Outdoor Play

Staff at Little Orchids value outdoor play to provide the children with rich learning experiences that can only happen outdoors.

All children benefit from having extended opportunities for learning outdoors. The outdoors environment provides particularly good opportunities for children to develop their communication and language skills. The outdoor environment can be a highly motivational place for the    development of communication skills, and motivation is key to stimulating the use and development of communication skills. Children must first experience the desire to express their thoughts, feelings, ideas and intentions.

Children need varied opportunities to interact with others and to use a wide variety of resources for expressing their understanding, and the outdoor area provides a larger and more varied activities.

HighScope Curriculum

HighScope provides children with:

• A consistent and flexible daily routine which provides for child and adult initiated activities

• Opportunities for children to engage in the active participatory learning process

• Adults who value and appreciate children and provide a creative and supportive learning climate

• Children develop self-confidence, initiative, creativity and problem solving skills

• Children learn about social relationships, the world about them, maths, science and technology, reasoning and language

• Children develop positive attitudes to self, others and to future earning

Verbal Behaviour Project

The Verbal Behaviour project focuses specifically on the verbal behaviour approach to enhance the children’s ability to learn functional language.
The project focuses on promoting communication skills due to the high number of children with speech and language delay.
Language delay has a direct impact on a host of other important skills.
Therefore the most important aspect of this intervention programme is the early development of effective communication skills.
The reasoning behind the verbal behaviour approach is to provide an incentive for the child to communicate.

Our Impact In The Community…

“Coming here to Little Orchids, they brought Ellie out of her shell. They taught me how to go into Ellie’s world and how to become the best parent that I can be for Ellie.”

“The support my child & I had was brilliant”
“Receiving reassurance and updates about my child helped ease my anxieties”
“So much help and support in different areas of her development that we were struggling with”

Parent/Carer Feedback